Cornelia Wallner

Post-doc researcher at LMU Munich

Media and Communication Research

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My name is Cornelia Wallner, and I am a Post-doc researcher at the Department of Media and Communication at LMU Munich, Germany.

In my research I focus on comparative media systems research, public sphere and social change, media policy and economics, as well as media literacy. In addition, my research incorporates perspectives from media use and effects research, which provide a central explanatory component, especially in work on media systems and the public sphere.

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For questions about my research, academic cooperation, or applied social research consulting please do not hesitate to contact me.

Recent Publications

Wallner, Cornelia (2022): Does the media system explain individual media use and media effects? Findings from a systematizing literature review.

Krämer, Benjamin & Müller, Philipp (Ed.): Questions of Communicative Change and Continuity. In Memory of Wolfram Peiser. Baden-Baden, Nomos. S. 223-244.

In this article, I explore the evidence about connections between the media system as explanatory macro-level for media use and media effects on an individual, micro-level. Addressing this context from a comparative, media system-related perspective, N=42 papers were analyzed in a comprehensive literature review. Core results show that systematic connections exist between structural differences of media systems and patterns of individual media use and media effects. More findings are available for newspapers and television than for the internet and social media. Empirical evidence is given for media system-related differences in political knowledge, and the degree of political parallelism in media systems matters for political participation. Overall, the studies show that the media system as a context matters for explaining individual media use and effects. Perspectives for future research are derived from the current state of research.
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